Wiolator Radio

Wiolator Radio (2014)
Single-Channel Audio, Radio, Posters
Duration 6h (looped)

Wiolator Radio was made for the show ‘Wiolators: Blackpool Edition’, a group show with the art collective Wiolators: It was exhibited at Supercollider Project Space in Blackpool, UK. The work consists of a radio set playing a simulated radio station (6hr loop) set against a backdrop of a wall with numerous posters advertising the show.

Wiolator Radio is void of any information; instead it contains only hype, self-promotion and exaggerated fanfare. All the sounds that are heard are soundboards and stings that are usually used to illicit excitement in the listener eg. the sounds of horns and record backspins and pulsing sound beds. In reality these stings should serve as the connective tissue between tracks or information to keep the listener tuned in, they are designed to maintain attention, but Wiolator Radio exclusively converges these elements (exciting repetetive sounds mixed with “You’re listening to Wiolator Radio!” and “don’t turn off now” over and over again) into a hyper sound piece that utilises the methods of maintaining attention but ultimately it renders the listener deaf.

Wiolator Radio uses the language of pure hyperbole. The posters display no information, the station contains no content, yet the radio station blends seamlessly into the space and the listenership will continue to listen.


Wiolators: Blackpool EditionSupercollider Contemporary Art Projects, Blackpool UK, 2014

Wiolators is an international artists collective, formed in 2011 in the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. Since the group split all over Europe they keep in touch by exhibiting in the countries of each member. 

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