Wile E.

Wile E. 2012)
HD, Stereo, USA/NL

A girl and boy on separate sides of the world (NY & Amsterdam) both lead fantastical lives but are incapable of meeting. The film is inspired by a Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner sketch where Wile E. paints a tunnel on a rock that only the Roadrunner can pass through. I developed a technique of projecting onto paper to be able to physically cut out portions of the film which creates the anomalous effect of tactility on screen.

The characters exist in their own hyperreal worlds, oblivious to the fact that their surroundings are fictionalised. Yet they still doggedly try to meet, to break away from their ‘painted tunnels’. Wile E. serves as a deconstruction of hyperreal drama; cinematic tropes are laid bare, the edges of the screen become observable, the screen floats within it’s own frame of reference. Music and image are separated from speech to distinguish which one does what. The music itself is cheaply manipulative and the 3 part basic structure of introduction, disagreement and conclusion is strikingly clear. 

But just like Roadrunner's tunnel it doesn't matter how if it's just paint because on the inside, it's the same old story.

Directed, Animated, Edited, Written – Christopher Holloran
Real Boy – Adriano Wilfert Jensen
Real Girl – Alisa Nadolishny
Voice Boy – Balthazar Berling
Voice Girl – Rebecca Lowe Mosena
Music – Fyoelk
Except That Sad Song – Julien Debey
Sound Production – Julien Debey

Exhibited at -

Holland Animation Film Festival – Utrecht 2014 – Won 2e prize Student Film, Honourable Mention
• Breaking Ground EU – Eye Film Institute, Amsterdam 2013
• Startpoint Prize – DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague 2012
• Netherlands Film Festival – Utrecht 2012
• Best of Graduates – Ron Mandos, Amsterdam 2012
• Art Olive Jong Talent –  Amsterdam 2012
• Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Exhibition, Amsterdam 2012
• SOMNIO Film Festival – Alkmaar 2012
• Helemaal Melkweg – Amsterdam 2012