Shuttle Diplomacy

Shuttle Diplomacy (2012)
Single-Channel HD Projeciton, 4K Capture, No Audio

Shuttle Diplomacy is a synthesis of dance, cinema and replication. It is an abundance of visual information that fights fire with fire; a language that only a hyperreal culture can read, but not fully comprehend.

I developed a technique to make Shuttle Diplomacy by mounting a projector on top of the camera unit which was then mounted on a dolly, so what was captured is totally live without any after effects or post-production editing to show the bare bones and every angle of the media.

The dancers performed the choreography once in a full set of furniture in their normal clothes (shot 1). Then they performed the same routine on a totally white set, in white overalls where shot 1 was then projected on to them and their surroundings so effectively, their environments became virtual (shot 2). The choreography itself is based around strewn furniture that neither of the dancers ever touch because in shot 2, there is no ‘real’ environment to engage with, The dancers ran round the set and repeated the routine again and again with each repetition becoming more digressive until both virtual and physical entities fracture to the point of entropy.

Director – Christopher Tym
Choreographer – Andrea Zavala Folache
Dancers – Andrea Zavala Folache & Alexander Loxton
Camera – Mostafa Heravi
Dolly – Hannah Carpenter

Exhibited at - 
• Still In Motion – Frascati Theater, Amsterdam, 2013
• Startpoint Prize – DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague 2012
• Expanded Cinema – Eye Film Instituut, Online 2012
• Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Exhibition, Amsterdam 2012
• EEA Decennial – Flutgraben, Berlin 2012