Multi Multi

Multi Multi, 2018
4 channel synchronised video, transparent PVC mats
1 hour loop | HD, Stereo
250 x 260 x 240 cm

Multi Multi is a 4 channel video installation made in conjunction with Marwan, Amsterdam.

The multitude is a mass of people as one; constituent parts which together make a whole. 

These are turbulent times; masses of people join as one to affect change for better or for worse. The multitude is present and deeply important to all of us because we are the parts that make it a whole. The multitude is apolitical but it can transform into the manifestation, the crowd, the army, the mob; it is how we use the multitude that determines it's politics. Before using the multitude as an agent of change, one must understand how the multitude functions.

The content of Multi Multi is a 1 hour self-perpetuating performance with 16 performers. The performance is written like a score, each person is given a phrase / instruction, they do not know what anyone else’s instruction is thus each performer performs a part without understanding the whole. Each instruction, however, is linked to another. For example ‘When you hear someone whistle, form a chain by holding hands with other people’ and someone else’s could be ‘when you see people forming a chain, break it’. Each person is dependant on another, everyone is linked: The result creates a dynamic organism, an active body called the multitude that breathes, moves and acts perpetually. The multitude forms when these instructions overlap with each other creating endless patterns that have the potential to become chaotic or calm, erratic or mesmeric. The result will always be unique but as an entity it will always remain constant. 

The multi screen set up shows the performance in real time, as the performers run from one side of the space to another they cross from one screen to another. The recording and the installation were both created inside Marwan, the space is compacted onto the screen, the viewer can see themselves standing where the performers were, you become folded into the narrative as you walk round the space seeing the action unfold; from the shifting bodies on screen to the shifting bodies of the audience, all become complicit in the multitude. 


Performers —

Anastasiya Halauniova
Anne van Duuren
Christopher Tym
Claudio Zaia
Elisa Grasso
Filippo Bertoni
Hannah Carpenter
Ish Gone
Jorritt Smit
Justine Laurent
Kajetan Uranitsch
Konstantin Guz
Macu Matute
Nastasja Roels
Sophia Seawell
Tea Teearu

Thanks —

Tirza Kater
Tim Mathijsen

Multi Multi is supported by the AFK

Multi Multi is supported by the AFK