Kiss Me Click — The Visual Album

Kiss Me Click — The Visual Album (2017)
HD Video

Kiss Me Click — The Visual Album is ostensibly a series of pop music videos bound together by the narrative experiences of those creating it.

It is an experiential journey of the vulnerabilities surrounding commodification, capitalism and performativity (both in front of and behind the camera). It is a reorganisation of the semiotics of pop music and culture, an open conversation with the people that created it and how we want to construct our own images.

This project would not be what it is without the people and voices who created it — Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski, Victoria Kaldan, Nadja Voorham, Ofelia Jarl Ortega & Bess Barkholt Anders, who wrote and performed the pop songs and became an indispensable sparring partner. Collectively, Kiss Me Click is an open conversation and reorganisation of the codes within a pop landscape that shape our identities. 

A project by Christopher Tym
Music Written, Performed & Produced by BESS
Co-Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Conway Ellis (@halfrhymes)
Post Production Support from Daniel Swan

With Special Thanks to
Masa Yuki Watanabe, Joshua Leon, Elisa Grasso —
Sheroy Katila, Rhea Storr, Ildefons Alonso, Jazbo Gross, Ryan Kalkman

Elements of the text "Fragments of an artistic queer-feminist strategy to be" by Ofelia Jarl Ortega were used in the video: The text was published in the book POST-DANCE, 2017.
Click here to read and download the text.

Kiss Me Click — The Soundtrack by BESS is now available to listen to on Spotify, iTunes and Youtube.