Finding Reality in Hyperreality

Finding Reality in Hyperreality - Visual Thesis (2012)
Single-Channel Video
5h 30m

A visual representation of ‘Finding Reality in Hyperreality’ my Rietveld Prize nominated graduation thesis from Gerrit Rietveld Academie, 2012.

A Pre-recorded projection of all moving image references from the thesis including scrolling ticker of the entire text itself. The projection took place in one sitting on Castrvm Peregini’s third floor, also known during the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands as the ‘hiding place’ or ‘safe house’. A floor dedicated to books, music and reality dispelling media of the time; it seemed an opportune collusion between the suspended reality of the past and the hyperreality of the present.

One can gauge the unsettling comfort the two fit together amidst the incongruities of the projections mixed with the anachronistic environment. Perhaps they are not too dissimilar, perhaps context trumps content.

Exhibited at -
[S]elected – Castrvm Peregrini, Amsterdam, NL 2012
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