2013 | 2-Channel Projection | Stereo | Multi-Loops

ffFamily (Fully Functional Family) is a dual projection that layers multiple animation techniques on top of each other.

It began as a week of documenting a trip to Berlin in early October 2012. The documentation evolved into a creative diary but the photos, sound recordings, films and animations began to take on a substance of their own and they began to escape me. Over the course of a year, the significance of the original events lost their meaning as they were overtaken by aesthetic decisions; the past began to erode.

Exhibited at 'I Love Your Manners Full of Deceit'
Knipsu Gallery, Bergen, NO

© christopher tym 2013

The following is taken from my notebook dated 19/1/14 –

“Which state should it be preserved in? How was it meant to be? or how it was found?

“I no longer had a connection with the images I made, I no longer had a desire to remix or renew the time that passed. I wondered why I was listless in the face of supposedly ‘creating’. I suppose now it was because I was merely rehearsing the old to trying and make it anew – my seal and stamp of approval, my identity..“

“I was losing so much ..”

"So I’ll show what I can, the actual documentation of those days in Berlin, the sounds that were actually captured by Julien and on the other side will be the manipulation of that footage (animations and edited film). This work is not about rehashing a bygone moment for the purpose of analysis and reflection .. It’s now finally about letting go ..”