By Proxy

By Proxy (2015)
HD Video - 2 Screens back to back
Part 1 - 6m | Part 2 - 11m

A 'site specific' film made by proxy: 3 people in Reykjavik become pawns to one person in London who sends them filming instructions over 3 days. The first part of the video displays the instructions sent to each person and the second part compiles the videos captured by the executants.

The act of filming implicates both the subject and the object, agency is removed from the camera operators in Reykjavik and placed squarely in the hands of the instructor/director. By upsetting the balance of power by proxy, we are left with questions of subjection and mediation. The instructions given to the executants are mundane and quotidian but is this any less exploitative? The faceless director objectifies the subjects by restricting their field of view, they are told to film their intimate environment, and each others. The gaze of the viewer is therefore scrutinised as the line between observation and voyeurism begins to blur.

Reykjavík Art Museum
Wiolators: Reykjavík Edition
8-21 August 2015

Wiolators is an international artists collective, formed in 2011 in the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. Since the group split all over Europe they keep in touch by exhibiting in the countries of each member. 

Executants - 
Þórdís Erla Zoëga
Freja Emilia Bergmark
Maria Gondek