Southern Bypass: 5.49-6am

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2023 | 2K | 2:76 | Stereo | 11m

Southern Bypass is a road at the south of Nairobi in Kenya that leads into the heart of the city; This single take shot was filmed at 5.49am to 6am heading into the direction of the sunrise. The motorbike rider is a boda boda, a motorcycle taxi service. Where they came from and where they are going is incidental to their state of being; they are still and the world around them moves.

The Soundtrack is by Jospeh Kamaru aka KMRU, a Nairobi ambient musician and field recording artist who is based in Berlin. It begins with the sound of the motorbike which gradually transposes into ambient tones before returning to to the road.

Part of project series ‘If Time Moves

Concept / Direction-
christopher tym


Boda Boda-
Patrick Waswa Sakwa

Timothy Njogu

Mark Prendergast

Mayis Rukel

James Kimani

Pre-Production + Filming Assistance-
Gikaria Muthami

© christopher tym 2023

Premiere - Collectif Jeune Cinéma, FCDEP, Paris
Preview - Homecinema x WYSIWYG, Den Haag

Further Screenings -
Video Art Miden, Transient Visions Festival, Flat Earth Film Festivak, Monticello Park Film Festival