Multi Multi
2018 | 4-Channel Video | 1hr Loop  

Multi Multi is a 1 hour self-perpetuating performance with 16 performers. The performance is written like a score, each person is given a phrase / instruction, they do not know what anyone else’s instruction is so each performer performs a part without understanding the whole. It serves as an isolated multitude that recreates care, antagonism, support, action, synchrony, exhaustion, friction, mimicry, observation and enjoyment.

This Unfolded View shows all synchronised cameras in the space. The two screens on the left show one side of the room. The two screens on the right show the other side of the room.

The multi screen set up shows the performance in real time, as the performers run from one side of the space to another they cross from one screen to another. The recording and the installation were both created inside Marwan, the space is compacted onto the screen, the viewer can see themselves standing where the performers were, you become folded into the narrative as you walk round the space seeing the action unfold; from the shifting bodies on screen to the shifting bodies of the audience, all become complicit in the multitude.

Performers —
Anastasiya Halauniova, Anne van Duuren, christopher tym, Claudio Zaia
Filippo Bertoni, Hannah Carpenter, Ish Gone, Jorritt Smit, Justine Laurent, Kajetan Uranitsch, Macu Matute, Nastasja Roels, Sophia Seawell, Tea Teearu
Cameras -
Elisa Grasso, Konstantin Guz
Thanks —
Tirza Kater & Tim Mathijsen
Exhibited at Marwan Project Space 2018

Supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.