Finding Reality in Hyperreality - Visual Thesis

2012 | HD | Looped | 5h30m

A visual representation of my Rietveld Prize nominated graduation thesis Finding Reality in Hyperreality from Gerrit Rietveld Academie, 2012. The video contains projections of all moving image references from the thesis including scrolling ticker of the entire text itself.

The 5h30m projection took place on Castrvm Peregini’s third floor aka the ‘safe house’ during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. This room has remained untouched for 80 years; in this vide the suspended reality of the past is thrown into sharp constrast with the hyperreality of the present with disquienting results.

Commisioned and purchased by Castrvm Peregrini Amsterdam

Exhibited at [S]elected 2012

Overview in Metropolis M
Show Catalogue here

© christopher tym 2012