xmas chapter 4: n.y.e

2020 | HD | 4m

A liminal dream is recounted through the somnambulant streets of Copenhagen: The production of the narrator's waking life is taking place on stage but he is trapped behind the scenes, unable to pass the threshold.

Shown in the Unreliable Narrators program at www.homecinema.video
+ Reneenee,

© christopher tym 2020


2019 | HD | 5m

The moon is a club.
The moon is a place where the earth is left behind.

Theme: Dark Side of the Moon
Exhibited at 'Everbody is a Moon' at FOLD, London, 2019
An exercise made with Ollie Dook


1. B&W
2. 5 second of colour
3. All Imagery / Audio is appropriated
4. Refrain from factual information
5. You cannot use a clip with it's original audio

© christopher tym 2019