Chat Show

2015-2020 | 2K | 14m

A talk show begins to evolve around a 5 year old, as the images around him are produced they begin to detach and dissolve. Snaking through the host, the guest, the audience and the producer via Barcelona, New York, Amsterdam and Chiloé, the show revisits our protagonist five years later for the season finale.

Chat Show is an enquiry into how we construct our own image and how the environment in which we place this image becomes warped. The 'Chat Show' becomes the nexus for this construction, the host presents culture to the audience and we learn how to be, just like the classroom. What happens if a child begins to disrupt this hegemony? Can we deviate from from the scheduled programme?

This video was produced during the Homesession Residency Barcelona in 2015.
A new chapter filmed in Chiloé, Chile was added in 2020.

Contributors to the project —
Lautaro Vial, Andrés Vial, Rosario Ateaga, Andrea Zavala Folache, Sol Prado, Simone Zanni, Olivier Collet, Julien Debey, Carmen Dusmet Carrasco

The text in the intertitles is borrowed from Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle.

© christopher tym 2020