Avoidstreet - Piazzale Lotto

2022 | 10m

“ The two characters within Avoidstreet’s new collection - worker and customer - stem from the archetypes that were frequenting Eduardo Leon’s illegal living room Peruvian restaurant in the early 2000s in Milan. Elements of this space and everything surrounding it found their way into the collection: the curtains that hung in Leon’s grandmother’s home have been transformed into layered skirts with delicate crochet detailing, rice bags from Peru are now oversized, waterproof shopper bags, and emotional scenes from Tecnocumbia music are translated into UV-printed mesh.”

Design & Styling-
Eduardo Leon

Shot + Edited-
christopher tym

Directon Movement-
Elisa Zuppini

Johnathan Castro
Fabian Reichle

Set design-
Frederique Albert Bordenave

© Avoidstreet 2022